The Pleats to perform at Knox Church Kincardine

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Knox Church is pleased to announce that the talented musical group The Pleats will perform a musical concert on Sept. 23 from 7 to 9 p.m. 

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Playing together since 2008, The Pleats are an uplifting and entertaining musical group who play a wide range of contemporary music, from Celtic to bluegrass to gospel. 

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The music strikes a positive chord with the entire range of the Kincardine and community demographic.

The members are not only talented vocalists, but also play a wide range of musical instruments. 

Brenda Morrison sings and plays the piano, ukulele, and guitar. Nicole Reid sings and plays the fiddle and guitar. Laurie Dalton sings and plays the bass guitar. Nick Reid plays the pipes and drums. Additionally, Karen Weber is joining the group for this event to play the bass guitar.

Proceeds from the concert are going to fund the upcoming refurbishment of the church elevator. 

A number of key components need to be replaced costing $32,000. The elevator has been in service for 35 years and has allowed access to the church sanctuary for a whole host of community service events, which include weddings, funerals, musical events, Remembrance Day ceremonies and church services.

Everyone is encouraged to attend and to enjoy a memorable musical experience.

Submitted on behalf of Knox Church Kincardine

Author: Jordan Ross